Monday, August 17, 2009

our garden

We've had an absolutely wonderful experience with our garden this summer. Sure, we've made a few mistakes and are already planning for next season - but there's still a lot of work (and harvesting and eating) to be done over the next couple months.

bulgarian carrot chili

Pictured are some of our really fun veggies from this year, most of which we've never done before, as well as some really cool varieties of things we have. We're also looking forward (fingers crossed!) to a fall crop of butternut squash, Brussels sprouts and more.

jimmy nardello sweet pepper

It has been such a rewarding experience... not just our steady supply of fresh organic produce, but the whole process of community gardening. Meeting and learning from all of our fellow gardeners, talking to some of the passersby who wonder what we're doing, and having kids come up and ask permission to walk through and look at all the gardens (that's the best!).

One of my favorite plots by a co-gardener is that of our new knowledgeable and helpful friend Rob. Even though the entire front yard of his house is a garden, he keeps one plot at Webb Park with us to grow the Three Sisters... a classic Native American symbiotic grouping of corn, beans, and squash. Beans are a plant known as a "nitrogen fixer" meaning they add nitrogen to the soil; nitrogen, as it happens, is a nutrient corn needs a lot of. In exchange, the beans use the corn as a support to climb. The big broad squash leaves shade the soil, limiting weed growth and water evaporation, while demanding different nutrients (or, rather, different proportions of the same nutrients) than the corn and beans. It's a great example of sustainable horticulture, not to mention the wisdom of our ancestors.

our garden in it's heyday

assorted greens and sarah's left toe

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Jessica Urbin said...

Your photos are always so beautiful. Your garden has done well this summer!