Wednesday, February 17, 2010

for the birthday girl

My best friend's birthday was a few weeks back and she made a request for a cassata cake for the occasion. I quickly agreed to make one as cassata is one of my favorite cakes and I was excited to try it. Little did I know how hard a time I would have finding the "right" recipe.  Apparently in Cleveland cassata cake is different than traditional "cassata ricotta cake". In Cleveland we forgo the ricotta for custard. Luckily I was able to find a correct recipe for this type here.

The whole cake isn't by any means hard to make, just time consuming. The creator of the recipe recommends making the cake & custard ahead of time so you can just assemble the day of, I ran out of time and wasn't able to refrigerate for as long as she recommended, but the cake turned out scrumptious nonetheless. Everyone loved it and I heard it declared "best cake ever". Warning: It is incredibly rich!


Amanda said...

My my, how pretty! I admire your baking skills. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

This looks amazing! I will want to try to make this now especially with all the sunshine the last few days making me long for summer!!! The photos are so pretty!

Arti said...

Rich indeed
Looks really yum!!

Kristen said...

oh my goodness, that looks good!

ARUNA said...

Very pretty!!!

Jackie Ewing said...

Hey your blog caught my attention! Even though you write about cakes and sweets and everything, I assume you have a few healthier food recipes. If you do, you should enter them into this cooking contest that's coming to Cleveland on September's the Aetna Healthy Food Fight. You can go to for more details, but the deadline for Cleveland is September 8th. Oh, and throughout the contest, celebrity cooks will be judging (Bobby Flay, Sunny Anderson, Sara Moulton, or Cat Cora). Good luck if you decide to enter and if not, please post more recipes! :)