Saturday, January 16, 2010

sangeeta's everyday curry

Isn't the internet amazing? Sarah and I can sit here in Ohio and exchange recipes with a new friend in India with the touch of a button! Sangeeta somehow found Naughty Tastebud out there in the ether, and has really inspired a lot of our cooking since. She sent me a link to her blog recently where she gives the recipes for a couple of the spice blends she uses at home. This she calls her "everyday curry." It's a little different than the bright yellow curry we in America consider synonymous with Indian food, but it's delicious, incredibly aromatic, and so simple to make. [NOTE: If you're in the Cleveland area, check out Urban Herbs at the West Side Market (right next to Ohio City Pasta)... it's my favorite place to buy spices.]

I threw a tablespoon or two into some stir-fried vegetables the other night... the coriander has such a great, fresh, lemon-peppery kind of flavor, and the earthy, almost smoky cumin is my favorite spice in the whole wide world. This blend is so versatile and really transcends Indian cuisine; it would be great as a rub for fish on the grill or as a seasoning for fajitas.

If you love Indian food you have to check out Sangeeta's blogs Banaras Ka Khana and Healthfood Desivideshi... my mouth waters every time. Sangeeta, thanks for all your comments. Isn't it great how food brings people together?


Amanda said...

Thanks for the links, Sarah. I love Indian food, but I didn't have a good blog to follow!
Can't wait to make my own curry seasoning.

Kristen said...

That sounds amazing! Thanks for the link!

Thought of you guys today as I broke away from serving our company some sort of casserole and instead am making a roast with local veggies. : )

sangeeta said...

Hi Sarah and Brad i missed this post for so long , probably because i was away from the blog for a while at that time of the year. It's so heart warming to see this spice blend being used in your kitchen :)
Thanks for all the sweet things you wrote about my blogs....i find your recipes interesting too.